Rover 8 Ton Log Splitter

Project Description

Rover 8 Ton Log Splitter

8 Ton Log Splitter 123cc Rover OHV Engine


The Rover 8 Ton Log Splitter features a 123cc Rover OHV Engine for consistent performance. It has a 48cm (19”) length log capacity with a 24 second ram cycle. It can be used horizontally which is ideal for logs that are being carried to the log splitter and allows you to split wood directly into a catchment such as a wheelbarrow.

  • 123cc Rover OHV Engine
  • 48cm (19‚Äù) length log capacity


Model Number 24AA5DML333
Engine 123cc Rover OHV Engine
Ram Pressure 8 tons
Ram Cycle 24 seconds
Log Capacity 48cm (19”) length
Operation Horizontal