Rover Jet Blower

Project Description

Rover Jet Blower

27cc, 2-stroke, full crank engine


The Rover Jet Blower features a 27cc, 2-stroke engine for greater durability. The innovative mixed-flow fan pulls in and pressurises a high volume of air, then releases a powerful 650 cfm to deliver more control over leaves and debris. The airflow velocity of up to 208km/h cleans up leaves and debris quickly.

Model Number 41AS2MEB333
Engine 27cc, 2-stroke, full crank engine
Air Flow Inline air flow removes gyroscopic effect for a balanced performance requiring less effort to control the blower
Air Flow Velocity Up to 208 km/h
Air Flow Volume 650 cfm
Speed Settings Variable
Weight 4.8kg
Handle Comfort grip handle
Warranty 2 year unit domestic warranty